3D rendering is the process of producing an image with the help of three dimensional data already stored in a computer. The process is very similar to photography or cinematography. In all of these, one needs to lighten and stage scenes and then produce images. Thus you need a creative bend of mind to be able to do it. But the major difference lies in that, unlike photography, the scenes that are being photographed here are imaginary. The process would want you to create the image in a computer before rendering it. A lot of work and skill goes into the process. But it also gives one the scope to be as creative as he could be. One also gets full control over what is finally produced on the screen and how it is then depicted to the audience. The3DArchitect is one of the leading company in Australia that provides high-quality 3D renders.

The data that is depicted could be a complete scene. This will include geometric models of three dimensional objects and will also include buildings; animated characters. The artist has to first create the scene. This is by modelling and animating. The rendering process is done after that. It then shows the scene as a picture which has a perspective and is based in a location. One can introduce realistic lighting, shadows or optical effects or give it an abstract look.